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Chicago IT Consulting
IT Consulting for Small to Mid-size Businesses

Prometheum Technologies, Inc. is a Chicago based IT consulting and support firm. We provided dependable IT solutions for small to mid-size companies in the Chicagoland area. We are a highly experienced IT consulting team that listens carefully to your needs before we make a recommendation. We target our solutions to maximize your productivity and minimize your network security risks.

Years of network experience taught us our main principle of network design: keep it simple. Our straightforward infrastructure designs translate into greater network performance and management benefits for you. They also enable easy updates and expansion as your business grows. All of these factors reduce your network costs and provide hassle-free benefits.
Chicago IT Consulting Newsletter


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Prometheum Technologies develops IT solutions for companies of every size, whether you have five employees or are one of the Fortune 500. We specialize in the following areas:

Network systems, servers, security and software

  • Local area networks (LANs) -- LANs enable you to connect workstations in your office, so that you can easily share files, printers, Internet connections and other resources. Our IT consulting team can help you develop a network that shares these resource with the goal to make your company the most productive that it can be.
    • Wireless LAN -- A wireless LAN enables remote employees, as well as those in the building, to "roam" with laptops without the need for wired hookups.
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 / 2008 / 2012 Server -- Setup a file server in a Microsoft Domain environment to share data, application, and printers. Also allow centralized location for proper daily backup.
  • Virtualization of Servers -- Setup a virtual servers to save on hardware cost
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 / 2007 / 2010 Server -- Exchange servers support e-mail systems, so that you can communicate with employees, clients and partners. You can also reinforce your company identity with custom e-mail addresses (
  • Google Apps -- Setup of Google Apps environement with client's custom domain address. Migration of emails to Google Apps.
  • Microsoft Office 365 -- Setup hosted Office 365 Exchange with client's custom domain address. Migration of emails to Office 365.
  • Microsoft Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 -- Support workstations that run Microsoft OS
  • Mac OS -- Support workstations that run Mac OS
  • Tablets -- Support iPad, Surface RT and Android Tablets
  • Cloud Environments -- Support Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 and Egnyte Cloud Storage
  • Wide area networks (WANs) -- WANs enable you to connect branch offices, so that your entire company can share an e-mail system, enterprise software packages and Internet access.
  • Virtual private networks (VPNs) -- VPNs enable remote network access and branch office-to-branch office connectivity without the cost of long distance dialup connections. VPNs help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars on telecommunications costs without compromising the security of your data. Our VPN consultants can specializes in VPNs that solve your remote access problems.
  • Remote network access -- Remote network access enables traveling employees and telecommuters to access company data securely, easily and inexpensively.
  • Web servers -- Web servers enable you to ensure internal security by hosting your public website on your network, rather than on your internal system.
  • Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office software -- With these industry-standard programs, you can create and share documents, contacts, schedules, spreadsheets, databases, presentations and much more.
  • Other network software -- We can help you choose and properly install network software so you can collaborate and share such programs as ADP backup protection, financial software, database software and more. We are not affiliated with any software companies, nor do we receive compensation of any kind from any software company, therefore you will receive objective recommendations.
  • Mobile Services -- Wireless smart phone services enable you to stay on top of communications by having your e-mail sent directly to your smart phone. We can set up iPhones and Droid phones to work with your Exchange system so you can get e-mail anytime, anywhere.

Network security

  • Firewall protection -- Firewalls protect your network and your company's data from intentional and unintentional intrusions. Our network security team can help in designed and bulletproof firewall system for your company. We can audit your network system and give recommendations to improve your network security, or we provide full service to ensure a protected network.
  • Backup systems and action plans -- A comprehensive data backup and recovery plan is critical to the security of your company information. The right backup plan, in conjunction with the right backup system, minimizes or eliminates the risk of losing data in the event of natural or manmade disasters.
  • Enterprise antivirus systems -- Enterprise antivirus solutions circumvent human error and forgetfulness by automatically updating virus definitions and performing workstation disinfection scans.


  • Website development and design -- Provide instant information about your product(s) or service(s) to clients, partners and prospects, at any time, day or night. We build everything from simple, informational websites to complex, interactive formats. For a full portfolio please view this website.

Other services

  • Enterprise fax systems -- Enterprise fax systems enable you to send and receive faxes directly from your workstation. These systems make it easy to send broadcast faxes to large audiences and to archive all of the faxes that you receive.
  • Internet monitoring systems -- Monitor corporate Internet usage and develop an Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP). Monitoring systems enable you to avoid costly legal situations by blocking specific sites. You can also increase productivity by allowing employees to use the Internet for company-related research.
  • FTP Server -- Setup an FTP server for your customers to transfer data to you that is password protected and secure.
  • Archiving -- Assist in archiving your data and making the most of your server space. We have design a 12 point checklist to help you archive properly and effectively.
  • Network Security Audit -- Developed a detailed security audit system to allow your company to determine if there is any network security risks.
  • Voiceover IPs -- Voiceover IP systems enable you to send voice information in digital form, via your Internet service provider (ISP), rather than using the telephone. This enables you to avoid the tolls charged by telephone service providers.

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